Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I always thought that I’m very bad at taking compliments. Be it about my dress, shoes or even my skin. I always reply with something like, “owh, it’s an old dress”, “You know, heels would make you a hag when you’re 30, hence these ugly flats” and “owh, come closer then u’ll see my wide pores!”. Trying to be humble I might say or it might be because I’m so paranoid that I think people always want to GET to me by saying all the nice things I wanna hear, so I talk myself down. Now, THAT might be because when I get home grinning as I think about the compliments, suddenly a voice comes out of nowhere and says “Really?”. Thus from that day forth, I’m going to hate all kinda compliments. I don’t even know which is real and which is not anymore (I get confused. A lot. It happens every time). I am bad at reading between the lines too.

PERLI.. (That’s a big word!) People can be a little bit mean you know. They give you a ‘compliment’ and in like 10 seconds, you’ll be hypnotized and you’ll reveal your deep dark secrets. I’ve been there. Yikes. Trust me, when you get home and you’re alone, that’s when you’ll hear “Really?”. That’s what we call, people-being-sarcastic. Say it! S-A-R-C-A-S-T-I-C. Get used to it. (I’ve been sarcastic to people I don’t like too, well, it’s fun! =) But it’s not fun when people being sarcastic TO you.)

Well, people can be mean because they have this so called ‘confidence’ to be sarcastic to others. However, believe me, we all can be cowards too. That’s why we choose to use sarcasms. We are so afraid of the outcome of being honest. Not many have the guts to say to someone’s face “I’VE SEEN YOU WEAR THIS LIKE EVERYDAY, GIRL. RETIRE IT! COME ON”, “YOU’VE GOTTA PUT SOME INCHES, YOU’RE SHORT, AND THOSE ARE UGLY FLATS!”, “GOSH, YOU HAVE HOLES ON YOUR FACE”. Unless you’re that someone’s best best best friend, or that someone is an angel. (or the fact that you are some kinda daredevil)
So, that covers the ‘menguji’ part. People puji you, but actually, they want to perli you. Haha.

Yeah I know, sometimes the compliments can be genuine too. Alhamdulillah in that case, but be very careful. Puji2 ke langit tu tak akan bawa kita ke mana-mana pun. Tak boleh bawa masuk kubur, ada kemungkinan boleh jadikan kita bubur (in hell. Nauzubillah min zalik.)

When you are 100% positive that people are being sarcastic to you, shut your mouth, do not retaliate because, u know what?, In a while (when you’re not around) they’ll secretly buy everything that you use or wear, the exact same dress, shoes and/or the foundation cream. Now the table turns. (It does. It will. Always.) So, worry not about the sarcasms.

When you’re not sure, don’t talk yourself down because you’ll regret it when the one who says your flats are exquisite are actually wearing 5-inch pointy heels! (ooopsie, you’ve given the heels-would make-you-a-hag-when-you’re 30 speech before she stands up and flash you that pointy heels which you wish with all your heart that she would not shove them down your throat now. Too late!).

To sum up, say “thank you” to all the compliments and ‘compliments’, “Alhamdulillah” dalam hati, and walk away. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. =P