Monday, June 08, 2009

I broke a heart yesterday...

I could see you’re trying hard to score,
But it’s wrong for you to adore
Me, I’m just ordinary in every way,
So, please don’t wait, don’t stay.

You were asking for a chance
For us together to dance
But I’m sorry…I couldn’t say ‘okay’
I know your heart broke yesterday.

Never meant to hurt,
I know the excuses were absurd,
Never meant to play,
I know I broke your heart yesterday.

Even though I know how u might feel
But I don’t have the power to heal.

You better off without me
I just want you to see
Don’t want you to live in grey
So, I broke your heart yesterday.

Believe me when I say,
It’s even hurt when I try to lay
To broke your heart yesterday
There’s a price for me to pay…

p/s i'm sorry...

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